All fees shown are including VAT at 20% unless stated otherwise.

In line with our company ethos of providing a bespoke letting service to suit the requirements of each landlord, our fees often need to be quoted for on an individual basis once we have a full understanding of the specific requirements of each client.

As a general guide, our Letting & Property Management fees for Landlords are a maximum of:

Let Only – 12% (including VAT)
Let and Rent Collection – 15% (including VAT)
Full Property Management – 18% (including VAT)

In addition to the above, the following charges also apply:

Tenancy Set-up Fee

Our tenancy set-up fee is £360.00, including VAT. This charge is per tenancy, and includes all marketing activity, online advertising of the property on our website, along with national portals including, and, arranging and accompanying viewings, negotiation of tenancy terms, obtaining reference reports for the proposed tenants, undertaking right-to-rent checks, and preparing tenancy agreements.

Inventory & Schedule of Condition, Check-in & Check-out

Preparation of an Inventory and Schedule of Condition on behalf of the landlord will depend on the size and style of the property. The cost of the preparation of the Inventory and the Check-in and Check-out reports is borne by the landlord. Inventory and Check-in charges are likely to range from £210 to £462, including VAT. The charge for the Check-out report is likely to range from £114 to £234, including VAT. Please note that the price ranges given assume the property is unfurnished. Properties which are furnished (or part-furnished) will incur an additional charge. Please contact us for a quotation.

General Consultancy

This is offered on request and will be charged at the rate of £30 per hour, including VAT, plus travel and other reasonable expenses and costs. This service includes additional visits to your property if we are managing it, serving a Notice under Section 13 of the Housing Act 1988, waiting time at a property, having extra sets of keys cut, arranging cleaning prior to the start of a tenancy, arranging safety checks, arranging installation of smoke alarms or carbon monoxide alarms, arranging an Energy Performance Certificate or obtaining consent from a lender.

Optional Property Visits

Where we are not providing Property Management Services, property visits are optional, and will only be carried out upon receipt of a written request from you. These visits will be charged at £48, including VAT.

Tenancy Agreements

Preparation of our standard Tenancy Agreement, usually being for a fixed term of twelve months or less, is included within our Tenancy Set-Up Fee above.

Tenancy Extensions or Renewals

Our charge for the preparation of our standard Tenancy Extension Agreement, including a Rent review and any negotiation with the tenants, is £72 including VAT.

Alterations to Tenancy Agreement

Our charge for checking and making any alterations requested by your solicitor to our standard Tenancy Agreement is £30 per hour, including VAT.

Service of Notices

Our charge for preparing and serving notice to terminate a tenancy when we are not managing the premises is £42, including VAT.

Caretaking during a Void Period

Our charge for carrying out visits to your property during a void period is £48 per visit, including VAT.

Instructing Contractors

Our charge for instructing contractors during a void period, or if we are not managing the property, is £18, including VAT, payable in advance together with the cost of the contractor. This service is only offered provided we have written instructions from the landlord and hold sufficient cleared funds to cover the cost of the work plus our fees.

Supervising Extensive Works

We charge a supervisory fee of 12%, including VAT, of the total cost of any work in excess of £1,000, including VAT, but subject to a minimum fee of £120, including VAT, for supervising the work.

Supervising Partial or Total Refurbishment

Our charge for supervising the partial or total refurbishment of the property is 12% of the total cost of the work, including VAT, but subject to a minimum fee of £300, including VAT.

Non-Resident Landlords

If the landlord is not resident in the UK, we will charge an administration fee of £72, including VAT, each quarter for tax retention and completion of the documentation required by the Centre for Non Residents.

Protection of Tenancy Deposits

Our administration fee for dealing with the protection of a tenant’s deposit through the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) is £24, including VAT, paid annually in advance.

Court Proceedings or Deposit Scheme Adjudication

Our fee for the preparation of documentation for County Court proceedings or DPS adjudication is £180, including VAT, plus our reasonable costs and expenses. Attendance at court or any tribunal on your behalf is charged at £50 per hour, including VAT, plus our reasonable costs and expenses.

Duplicate Statements

These are supplied free of charge if ever required.

Change of Tenant during a Tenancy

If you agree to a change of tenant during an existing tenancy, we charge an administration fee of £60, including VAT, to prepare the documentation and arrange for the tenant to sign the tenancy agreement.

Withdrawal from an Agreed Offer

If you instruct us to proceed with a proposed tenancy and subsequently withdraw your instructions, we will require you to meet some of the costs and expenses incurred up to the sum of £420, including VAT, and pay us the amount equivalent to three months’ commission at the Let Only percentage up to a maximum of £1,440, including VAT.

Energy Performance Certificate

If required, we charge £118.80, including VAT, to supply an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property.